Million Jobs Plan powers jobs, wages and economic growth

New release: Independent economic analysis verifies that implementing the Million Jobs Plan has a rapid and positive impact on the Australian economy. Benefits of the Million Jobs Plan include:
  • The Million Jobs Plan will boost private investment by $25billion annually, or nearly 2% of GDP, and adding 1 to 2% to GDP.
  • It will increase real wages by 1% in 2022-2023 and 2% by 2035-2036 [currently wages are lower than those in 2011].
  • By the 2021 financial year, there will be an estimated 124,000 more jobs with the Plan than without the Plan.
  • The Million Jobs Plan will give a major boost to diverse business sectors and provide jobs throughout Australia – over 70% in regional areas. The plan delivers results almost immediately and its benefits persist for many years.

The Million Jobs Plan Full Report

Beyond Zero Emissions Million Jobs Plans is the first stage in our project to find and deliver one million new, good, secure, well-paying jobs, to help rebuild our economy after the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic and secure a strong future for all Australians.

The Million Jobs Plan is the framework to restore our economy. We’ve mapped out how we can rebuild our nation through practical projects that can restore our economy, modernise our industries, re-skill our workforce and deliver a bright and secure economic future.

We’ve identified seven key sectors across our economy where strategic investment over the next five years would have the most impact and create the most jobs, including Energy, Building, Manufacturing, Transport, Recycling, Land Use and Training.

Jobs will be distributed around Australia, including in cities and regions already under pressure from the closure of traditional heavy industry and manufacturing, historical droughts and fires, and high unemployment.

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Priority Projects

Since launching the Million Jobs Plan in June 2020, BZE has been working closely with industry, investors and communities across Australia to find and develop new bankable projects and solutions that can create the jobs we need to get our economy back into gear.

The Million Jobs Priority Projects List is a shortlist of the top ten projects, that are shovel-ready to help restore Australia’s growth for the next decade and modernise our industries.

The next stage of the Million Jobs project is to bring these shortlist projects to government, ready with the key partners and private capital needed to realise these projects, rebuild our economy and seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure Australia’s economic future.

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The 'Million Jobs Plan' launch

On June 29 2020 Beyond Zero Emissions launched The Million Jobs Plan. The launch included a stellar line up including Christiana Figueres and Mike Cannon-Brookes. You can watch the webinar launch here.



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